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The Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC) focuses on developing new methods to treat, prevent, and ultimately cure diabetes and its complications. The DRTC is a multi-disciplinary operation with faculty researchers from UAB's Schools of Health Professions, Medicine, and Public Health, among other units. It operates in collaboration with the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center to promote excellence in diabetes research and patient care. The DRTC supports research in the areas of pathology, animal physiology, human biology, metrics and health services research, and community research. It is one of six NIDDK-sponsored diabetes research and training centers in the U.S.

Pilot and Feasibility Program

Our new DRTC emphasizes the pilot and feasibility grant program as an important mechanism to augment diabetes research and promote the next generation of research leaders. The P&F process taps a rich tradition of such programs at UAB. University-wide centers have long provided pilot funding opportunities to junior faculty and senior faculty entering new areas of research. The P&F program will foster new research programs in diabetes, and support a broad base of basic, clinical, translational, and prevention and control projects.

Pilot and Feasibility Program


Animal Physiology & Phenotyping : UAB Animal Physiology
The Animal Physiology Core (APC) provides for diabetes related phenotyping in small animal models. Services offered include the assessment of body composition, energy balance, glucose homeostasis, cardiovascular assessment, imaging, and..

Assay - Human & Laboratory Animal : UAB Bioanalytical Redox Biology
The Bio-Analytical Redox Biology (BARB) Core promotes redox biology in diabetes-related research, emphasizing that diabetes is both a metabolic and a vascular disease. Because it provides a combination of services not available through any other..

Clinical Investigation & Informatics : UAB Human Physiology
Because diabetes is both a metabolic and a vascular disease, the Human Physiology Core was designed to promote interactions and collaborations oriented towards better understanding the pathophysiology of diabetes and cardiometabolic disease risk...

Prevention & Control : UAB Community Engagement Core
The Community Engagement (CE) Core develops, implements, and evaluates a community-based infrastructure to maintain linkage (engagement) between DRTC researchers and targeted communities, including community-based organizations, community..

Prevention & Control : UAB Metrics & Health Services Research Core
The fundamental challenge in research on prevention and control is to generate the knowledge that will allow us to bridge the gap that currently separates scientific evidence from clinical and public health practice. Narrowing and then..


Center Directors

W. Timothy Garvey, M.D. : Center Director 205-934-6103 [E-MAIL]

Center People

Jamy Ard, M.D. : Co-Director, Community Engagement Core 205-934-5564 [E-MAIL]

Scott Ballinger, Ph.D. : Director, Bioanalytical Redox Biology Core 205-996-2660 [E-MAIL]

Stephen Barnes, Ph.D. : Co-Director, Bioanalytical Redox Biology Core; Director, UAB Center for Nutrient-Gene Interaction; Associate Director, Purdue-UAB Botanicals Centers for Age-Related Disease;Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics; Director, Mass Spectrometry Shared Facility, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center; Senior Scientist, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center 205-934-7117 [E-MAIL]

David Calhoun, M.D. : Associate Core Director - Cardiovascular 205-934-4633 [E-MAIL]

Andrea L. Cherrington, MD : Co-Director, Community Engagement Core 205-996-2885 [E-MAIL]

Victor Darley-Usmar, Ph.D. : Co-Director, Bioanalytical Redox Biology Core 205-975-9686 [E-MAIL]

Louis Dell'Italia, M.D. : Associate Director, Animal Physiology Core 205-934-0850 [E-MAIL]

Mona Fouad, M.D., M.P.H. : Director, Community Engagement Core 205-934-4307 [E-MAIL]

Barbara Gower, Ph.D. : Director, Human Physiology Core 205-934-4087 [E-MAIL]

Beth Lewis, M.D. : Co-Director, Metrics & Health Services Resources Core 205-934-6383 [E-MAIL]

Michelle Y. Martin, Ph.D. : Co-Director; Metrics & Health Services Resources Core (205)-934-6866 [E-MAIL]

Timothy R. Nagy, Ph.D. : Director, Animal Physiology Core 205-934-4088 [E-MAIL]

Bradley Newcomer, Ph.D. : Associate Core Director - Imaging 205-934-2664 [E-MAIL]

Kurt Zinn, Ph.D. : Associate Director, Animal Physiology Core 205-975-6414 [E-MAIL]