K Sam Wells PhD

Sam Wells is an expert in both light microscopy and fluorescence applications with more than 24 years of optical imaging experience using a variety of techniques, including optical activity, widefield, confocal, and multiphoton-excited fluorescence, phase contrast, differential interference contrast, and related contrast enhancement modes. Sam obtained a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry studying the experimental and theoretical optical physics of polarized light scattering and absorbance in condensed materials, including the development of imaging of such processes. His postdoctoral work in Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University included the study of chemical and physical aspects of fluorescence in confocal imaging and he was involved with the initial feasibility experiments leading to the invention of two-photon-excited fluorescence imaging. Subsequent work included 10 years experience researching, developing and supporting various fluorescence-based reagents and applications used primarily for microscopic and macroscopic imaging; this work resulted in several commercial products, publications and two patents. As of July, 2000, Sam has worked as managing director of the Vanderbilt University Cell Imaging Shared Resource and combines both technical expertise and business experience to support and further develop this important facility. Sam is currently a Research Professor in the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics.