UCSF Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core


The Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core assists investigators whose research requires molecular marker characterization of cells in suspension as well as the isolation of cells based on those markers. Advanced cell sorting and cytometric analyses are readily conducted by experts within the Core or by trained laboratory members. The Core consists of instruments consolidated from a variety of UCSF departments including the Diabetes Center, Immunology, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Surgery, and SABRE, with the costs of maintaining sophisticated equipment shared across its many users through a recharge system. Services and instrumentation are available to be scheduled and utilized by all UCSF labs and affiliates following proper training.

The Diabetes Research Center (DRC) subsidizes the cost for DRC members and financially supports project development for all users. Please inform us if you publish using data obtained from our facility. Your publications help support our center grant which assists in keeping this Flow Cytometry Facility running. Users are reminded to acknowledge DRC Center Grant (NIH P30 DK063720). The Parnassus Flow Cytometry Core, in collaboration with similar Core facilities on campus, also helps to identify emerging technologies that will enhance multiple research programs and coordinates the acquisition and maintenance of those facilities. We encourage feedback on available or missing services to help improve the facility to make sure it meets your needs and demands.

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The Flow Cytometry Core provides 13 main services and 10 different instrument types listed below, consisting of various core technologies including flow and mass cytometer analyzers, flow cytometer cell sorters, single cell genomic isolators, genomic analyzers, genomic library preparation equipment, as well as analysis work station and software options for analyzing your data. In addition, we also offer guidance and assistance services to help you utilize the instruments to their full potential. Instruments with the "self" prefix indicate that you can be trained to use them yourself.

The PFCC Layout Summary contains the configurations of all instruments in the Core.

  1. Self analysis on Flow Cytometers | Analyzers
  2. Self sorting on Flow Cytometers | Cell Sorters
  3. Operator Assisted Cell Sorting
  4. Self analysis on Mass Cytometer | CyTOF
  5. Operator assisted analysis on CyTOF
  6. CyTOF Antibody Conjugation
  7. Self Genomic operation of Fluidigm platforms
  8. Assistance / Guidance
  9. Training
  10. Analysis Workstations / Software

The PFCC Layout Summary contains the configurations of all instruments in the Core.

Core People

Core Director
Qizhi Tang PhD UCSF Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core Email