UCSF Mouse Genetics Core


The Mouse Genetic Core provides a shared resource for the establishment of mutant mouse models for DRC research. The Core coordinates DRC members with contacts to a number of UCSF-wide facilities for knock-out/knock-in and transgenic mouse generation.

The Mouse Genetics Core also lowers the cost barriers, see RATES for the development of mutant models pertinent to type 1 and type 2 diabetes research.


UCSF Cell and Genome Engineering Core

The UCSF Cell and Genome Engineering Core (CGEC) combines cell culture and banking with genome engineering services; the services of the former ES Cell Targeting Core have been expanded to include CRISPR technology and are consolidated within the CGEC. Formerly provided by the Cell Culture Facility, culture and banking services are now provided by CGEC as well.

Contact: CGE Core

Gladstone Transgenic Gene Targeting Core

The Gladstone Transgenic Gene targeting core injects either DNA or ES cells to create genetically modified mouse models.

  • Microinjection of DNA
  • Microinjection of ES cells

Contact: Junli Zhang

UCSF Rederivation Core

The core creates new mice by embryo transfer in order to prevent the potential for transmission of pathogens.

Contact: Helen Lu

UCSF Cryopreservation and Resuscitation Core

The core will cryopreserve sperm and embryo and, on request, resuscitate them to re-create mouse lines.

Contact: Khalida Sabeur

UCSF Lentiviral RNAi Core

nowing the functions of the genes involved in a human disease helps us to better create therapies. RNA interference is a powerful way to silence a gene in a cell, allowing research investigators to study the resulting cellular phenotype. We combine the power of RNA interference and the use of lentiviral technologies to create silencing systems for research use.

Core Manager: Amanda Nolte

Core People

Core Director
Michael McManus PhD UCSF Mouse Genetics Core Email