Vanderbilt Metabolic Physiology Shared Resource Core


The Metabolic Physiology Shared Resource (MPSR) assists investigators wishing to address hypotheses related to diabetes and metabolism. The Rat Metabolic Physiology Core (RMPC) is a section of the MPSR that provides novel techniques to better understand specifically rat models of diabetes and its complications.


The RMPC offers a variety of services including: chronic artery &/or vein cannulation, chronic ileal vein cannulation, chronic portal vein cannulation, insulin clamps, pancreatic clamps, indirect calorimetry, blood pressure measurements, and more.

Indirect Calorimetry

Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)

The laboratory has invested in equipment that allows investigators to address the rates of whole body substrate oxidation by the assessing the respiration rates of O2 and CO2 . The Oxymax Deluxe System measures whole body oxygen consumption (VO2) and carbon dioxide production (VCO2) continuously. These measurements are used to calculate both the oxidation of carbohydrates and fats using the respiratory exchange ratio (RER = VCO2/VO2), as well as the amount of heat produced in kcal/hr. The system consists of a personal computer based measurement that employs the host computer as a system controller and as a data collection, storage, and presentation device. Other measurements available include food consumption, water consumption, and activity.

Core People

Core Director
Kevin D Niswender MD PhD Vanderbilt Metabolic Physiology Shared Resource Core Email