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Vanderbilt University

The Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC), is a NIH-sponsored Diabetes Center that facilitates the discovery, application, and translation of scientific knowledge to improve the lives of people with diabetes involving more than 120 faculty distributed among 15 departments in 3 schools and 4 colleges at Vanderbilt and neighboring Meharry Medical College.

Vanderbilt's annual Diabetes Day gathers all scientists conducting diabetes-related research at Vanderbilt and Meharry.

The Virtual Diabetes Research Center Seminar Series feature an outstanding speaker discussing the latest in diabetes, obesity, and metabolic research representing diabetes research centers from across the country.

Research Cores

Animal Physiology & Phenotyping
Vanderbilt Animal Metabolic Physiology CoreDavid Wasserman PhD
The Animal Metabolic Physiology Core will provide state-of-the-art research techniques and expert guidance in integrative metabolic physiology to VDRC investigators.
Assay - Human & Laboratory Animal
Vanderbilt Hormone Assay and Analytical Services Core Owen McGuinness PhD
The Hormone Assay and Analytical Services Core (ASC), which includes Lipid and Oxidative Stress subcores, provides VDRC investigators with essential assays and analytical approaches that allow them to perform important and innovative research related to diabetes, obesity, and metabolism.
Islet Biology & Metabolism
Vanderbilt Islet and Pancreas Analysis CoreMarcela Brissova PhD
The Islet and Pancreas Analysis (IPA) Core assists VDRC’s large group of renowned and collaborative investigators who are studying a broad spectrum of islet-related processes, ranging from the function of islet-enriched factors and intracellular signaling to in vivo physiology and maintenance of hormone secretory profiles.