Indiana Islet and Physiology Core


The Islet Core is renowned for its excellence in biphasic functional characterizations of all types of islets, providing invaluable interpretive value to the many existing and planned rodent models of obesity and diabetes.


The Islet and Physiology Core provides IU School of Medicine and regional (IUB, IUPUI, and Purdue University) investigators with the capability to obtain high quality rodent pancreatic islets for study. This core also provides services for islet transplantation and will assist investigators who wish to perform immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and/or analysis of beta cell mass on whole pancreata from mouse and rat models. In addition, this core offers several services for rodent metabolic characterization, including performance of insulin and glucose tolerance testing, analysis of body composition and metabolic cage analysis using the TSE System cages.

Core People

Core Director
Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD Carmella Evans-Molina MD PhD Indiana Islet and Physiology Core Email