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The DRC Genomics and Epigenetics Core is a state-of-the-art facility that facilitates high-throughput genomic approaches. High-throughput sequencing, data acquisition and analysis require expensive instrumentation and reagents and a highly skilled team of individuals who are experts in specific components of the overall procedure. These technologies therefore lie beyond the scope of most individual laboratories. The DRC Genomics and Epigenetics Core, which is comprised of the Institute for Genomic Medicine (IGM) and VA/VMRF Microarray & NGS Facilities at UCSD, has been instrumental in providing DRC investigators access to these technologies. Both facilities have been in operation since 1999. Their value in discovery research enables investigators to identify signal transduction pathways, uncover new targets for therapeutic intervention, and reveal biomarkers for disease detection and prognosis. Genomics services are available to the DRC community at subsidized rates.

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Sven Heinz PhD UCSD-UCLA Genomics and Epigenetics Core Email