UCSF Islet Production Core


The DRC Islet Preparation Core enables clinical and basic research scientists to study and obtain isolated pancreatic islets. Expert personnel perform the technically challenging isolation of islets from mice provided by investigators or from research consented human cadaver donors. The Core will coordinate and provide islets to investigators when research need matches the availability of a human research pancreas or a prearranged mouse islet experiments.

Please see SERVICES for more details about any component of the DRC Islet Preparation Core.

The Islet Preparation Core is subsidized by the University can lower the cost, see RATES for DRC investigator research requiring isolated islets. External academic researchers and commercial researchers will receive a similar base price for service, but must pay an additional 26% overhead charge.

To initiate an order, please email Gregory Szot for additional information and rates. FEEDBACK on available or missing services is always appreciated.


  • Human Research Islet Isolation
  • Mouse Islets
  • Core Provided Consultation and Islet Techniques
Human Islets for Research Purposes Only - The UCSF Islet and Cellular Production Facility

Given that human tissues become available at unpredictable times, laboratories desiring human islets for research purposes must commit to receiving islets on short notice, with no opt-out possibility. The subsidized and reduced costs of human islet samples are made affordable only by extensive coordination amongst multiple laboratories. Participating laboratories share organ procurement and preparation costs whereas the Diabetes Research Center grant (P30 DK063720) provides the personnel support for each preparations. Please contact Greg Szot to learn more about becoming a member of the human islet procurement consortium.

  • 4,500-sq. ft. clean room laboratory on the UCSF Campus, which includes standardized and validated islet processing SOPs and a QA/QC management team.
Mouse Islets - The UCSF Mouse Islet Isolation Facility

The core can process islets from your specific strain of mice or the core can order specific mice from approved vendors and charge your laboratory for each purchase at the end of each month. In the event your strain of mouse this not on a typical background we normally process, we may request several mice for enzyme and isolation testing.

  • 300-sq. ft. mmouse procedure room dedicated to the isolation of murine islets located on the Parnassus campus.
Core Provided Consultation and Islet Techniques
Islet Assessment and Quality Control
  • How to assess islet purity and viability.
  • How to individually dispersed islets into individual a-, b-, d-Cells.
  • How to plan and run a Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) assay, in vitro
  • How to execute Islet Perifusion (Equipment: BIOREP).
  • Insulin & Glucagon ELISAs. (Mercodia)
  • Human Islet Hormone Multiplex assays (Equipment: Quansys Q-View Imager LS and Mercodia AKURIO)
Murine Kidney Capsule Transplants
  • Training and guidance how to transplant of islets or cells under the kidney capsules of mice.
  • Post-surgical care procedures.
  • How to induce diabetes in mice using Streptozotocin.
  • IACUC approved procedures to add to your individual mouse protocols.

Core People

Core Director
Peter Stock MD PhD UCSF Islet Production Core Email