P&F Studies

Year: 2021 - 2011
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Pilot Awardee Center Pilot Study
Amber Alhadeff PhD Orcid University of Pennsylvania In vivo gut-brin macronutrient signaling and its relationship to obesity
Scott Canfield PhD Orcid Indiana University Hyperglycemia-Induced BBB Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease
Chad Carroll PhD Orcid Indiana University Mechanisms Underlying Poor Tendon Healing with Diabetes
Eunhee Choi PhD Orcid Columbia University Insulin receptor-MAD2 complex in obesity-related cancer
Cara Dolin PhD University of Pennsylvania SPOON (Study of Preconception/Pregnancy fOOD, Nutrition, and dysglycemia
Nilu Goonetilleke PhD North Carolina Avidity and Metabolism of Autoreactive CD8 T Cells Contribute to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
Paul Grimsrud PhD Orcid North Carolina Investigating New Roles for the Mitochondrial Kinase PDK4 in Liver Metabolism
Gregory Henderson PhD Indiana University Targeting plasma free fatty acids through a novel approach as a potential intervention for insulin resistance
Srividhya Iyer PhD Orcid University of Colorado Denver ER stress in prediabetes-associated skeletal fragility
Jordan Jacobelli PhD Orcid University of Colorado Denver Cytoskeletal regulation of self-reactive T cell restimulation and effector functions in the pancreatic islets
Matthew Lynes PhD Orcid Joslin Diabetes Center Genetic determinants of 12, 13-diHOME biosynthesis in human obesity
David Merrick MD PhD University of Pennsylvania Contribution of novel adipocyte progenitor cell populations to metabolic disease
Laurel Messer PhD RN Orcid University of Colorado Denver Development of a "Cognitive Awareness Artificial Pancreas Enhancement" (CAPE) to Help Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Optimize their use of Artificial Pancreas Systems
Morgana Mongraw-Chaffin PhD Orcid North Carolina Meals for Moms: A Postpartum Medically-Tailored Meal Program to Promote Weight Loss and Blood Glucose Control Among Women with Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy