P&F Studies

Year: 2021 - 2011
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Pilot Awardee Center Pilot Study
Amber Alhadeff PhD Orcid University of Pennsylvania Uncovering gut-hypothalamic pathways that mediate feeding behavior
Monique Barakat MD Orcid Stanford University Morphological and Molecular/Cellular Profiling of Pancreatic Primary Cilia Across the Human Lifespan and in Pancreatitis
Petter Bjornstad MD Orcid University of Colorado Denver Spatial metabolomics for human kidney interrogation of early diabetic kidney disease
Yair Blumenfeld MD Orcid Stanford University Fasting versus Fed: Effect of oral intake prior to the glucose tolerance test in pregnancy
Paul Burghardt PhD University of Michigan The role of IL-18 and excitatory/inhibitory imbalances of top-down/bottom-up processes to food cues as a predictor of successful maintenance of weight loss
Danny Chou PhD Orcid Stanford University Next-generation Insulin Therapeutics Enabled by Computational Protein Design
Henry M Colecraft PhD Orcid Columbia University Engineering Next-Generation Tools to Dissect Calcium Channel Signaling in Pancreatic Beta Cells
Sheila Collins PhD Orcid Vanderbilt University Modulating Gbg -SNARE interaction for adipose tissue metabolism and energy expenditure
Joshua Cook MD PhD Orcid Columbia University Regulation of human bile acid metabolism in reversible insulin resistance
Seema Dangwal PhD Orcid Stanford University Endothelial Dysfunction: Connecting T2DM and COVID19-associated Organ Injury
Danielle Dean PhD Orcid Vanderbilt University Glucagon Resistance in Obesity
Sirano Dhe-Paganon PhD Orcid Joslin Diabetes Center Structural basis of XOR activation in obesity and metabolic syndrome